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About Housing

UNIBE does not offer living accommodations. However, the Student Affairs Department can help the students to secure a place to live by providing an updated list of apartments, houses, studios and rooms available in the Santo Domingo area as well as other information regarding this issue.  

You should know…

  • Apartments, houses and rooms can be rented either furnished or unfurnished.
  • Prices vary based on the number of bedrooms, location, size, services included, etc. 
  • Prices range between US$ 350 and US$ 1000 a month.
  • There is usually a 2 or 3-month deposit required. 
  • Apartments are subject to longer lease agreements (six months/one-year term. In most cases the apartments include utilities (electricity T. V. Cable and water bills).  
  • Some students share houses/apartments in order to share these expenses. Renting a house is very similar to renting an apartment. Prices can be similar too.
  • You may visit www.supercasas.com– this is a very helpful website where you can find available housing anywhere in the country and can be browsed in English or Spanish.


The following are some of the most recognized and reliable brokers, they can also assist students. They usually have a service charge/commission.
Please be aware that the University is NOT affiliated with these services.

Remax Metropolitana
(809) 541-2020

Time Homes
(809) 565-6262

Century 21 / Juan Perdomo
(809) 571-2100


The following is a list of hotels in the UNIBE area that you may use for your stay during your first days in the country.
Please be aware that the University is NOT affiliated with these hotels.
a) Lina Hotel (5 stars) (809) 563-5000 (ask for UNIBE students rate)
b) Plaza Florida Suites (809) 412-1212 (ask for UNIBE students rate)
c) Marriott (809) 685-1010
d) Carey House Hotel (809) 688-4808 
e) Turey Apart-Hotel  (809) 412-2809
f) Plaza Colonial Apart-Hotel (809) 687-9111
g) Greenhouse Apart-Hotel (809) 682-1111