Auditing Health Services

Auditing Health Services

Diplomado Auditoria en Servicios de Salud

General Description

An academic program which offers the knowledge and strategies required for the proper performance of a medical audit, using a methodology based on lectures and practical workshops, studying real cases. It allows the participants to obtain the theoretical basis, as well as the tools to operationally carry out a health services audit within the Dominican context, with proven strategies for our country, while taking into account the specific considerations of a maturing system, such as ours.

Target Audience

Health insurance services personnel, professionals of the health sector (doctors, psychologists, nurses), staff members with functions related to health services, administration and audits in public and private centers (clinics, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, diagnostic centers).


Forty (40) hours

Course format


Course objectives

  • Ability to perform as a medical auditor.
  • Skills to perform audits of healthcare processes, promoting continuous improvement in the health sector.
  • Ability to perform cost audits and review of medical accounts in a systematic and objective manner, within the legal framework established in the country.


Module I: Social Security System

Module II: Health Quality Approach and Measurement

Module III: The Audit Review

Module IV: Audit Metrics

Module V: Medical Ethics of the Health Services Auditor


March 27th to May 08th, 2021


16,800.00 DOP


Colegio medico dominicano


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