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School of Medicine


Since our beginnings as a School of Medicine, our goal has been training health professionals committed to care and maintenance of health and wellbeing, both in the community and hospital environments, while reinforcing institutional values and fostering leadership, research and health promotion.

Providing our future professionals with the knowledge, skills and abilities, as well as the necessary viewpoints, that will allow them to be competent and competitive in any environment or situation they may need to manage, both locally and globally.

Internationalization is one of our strengths. The international agreements and conventions of our School allow our future doctors the opportunity to learn about Medicine in different areas of the world and the possibility of comparing our Health System and undergraduate professional training with that of other countries.

Marcos Nuñez

Marcos Núñez Cuervo

(809) 689-4111 Ext. 2058


On behalf of our faculty, staff and students, welcome to the UNIBE Medical School.

As Deputy Dean, I am proud of the ongoing tradition of providing hands-on, experience-based education and training, which our school has maintained since its founding days. The program prepares students to become leaders with the moral depth, compassion, and intellectual know-how required to face the challenges of a critical transition of society.

The UNIBE School of Medicine offers unique opportunities for students to participate in community-oriented activities, local and international clinical rotations and scholarly concentrations; optimal experiences for students to put their education into practice. Fundamental to the success of our students are the decades of leadership and knowledge that our educators bring, based on their extensive field experience. Creativity, compassion and leadership are the top qualities we seek in future students and in our faculty, administrators and all those who take part in making our Medical School what it is today.

Dra. Elizabel De León

Elizabel De León, M.D.

Deputy Dea
(809) 689-4111 Ext. 2059

Elizabeth Peralta, M.D.

Director of Preclinical Cycles
(809) 689-4111 Ext. 2064


This is the first step towards a world full of opportunities: the UNIBE World. These are the requirements to complete the admission process.


To be the leading school in the Dominican Republic in regards to training and insertion of medical professionals, equipped with ethical and competent criteria, with a vocation for service and social commitment; self-advocates of their knowledge and leaders in the permanent search for solutions through research and consensus.


Develop medical professionals with up-to-date knowledge and the competencies required to respond to the health needs of society, fostering a comprehensive, humane, ethical and innovative approach, developing leadership skills, critical outlook and commitment to research and ongoing education.


2019 September – December Semester
2020 January – April Semester
2020 January – April Semester
2020 September – December Semester
2021 January – April Semester
2021 May – August Semester
  • Students must complete all PreMed courses and achieve a grade point average of 2.5 to be promoted to the Basic Sciences Cycle.
  • Foreign students must complete the extracurricular language levels during their first five semesters at the university.
  • Students must complete all Basic Science courses before entering the Clinical Science Cycle (Pre-Internship), including extracurricular language levels.
  • From the Clinical Sciences Cycle on, the instruction level is in Spanish. During the 8th semester, and after completing the required levels of Spanish as a Foreign Language, students in the bilingual program must take a Spanish proficiency test in the Language School.
  • Students must complete all Pre-Internship courses before entering the Internship cycle. Those who are studying in the bilingual format, must also be taking a scholarly concentration in order to move on to semester 14, and must complete it as a graduation requirement.



A program designed to develop medical professionals with up-to-date knowledge and the competencies required to respond to the health needs of society, fostering a comprehensive, humane, ethical, and innovative approach, developing leadership skills, critical outlook and commitment to research and ongoing education.

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Programa capaz de desarrollar profesionales con conocimientos actualizados y las competencias requeridas para responder a las necesidades de salud de la sociedad, con un enfoque integral, humano, ético e innovador, desarrollando habilidades de liderazgo, actitud crítica y su compromiso con la investigación y la educación continua.

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Wayna Vásquez, M.D.

Academic Coordinator, UNIBE Center for Medical Education, Clinical Skills and Simulation

Rafael Nazario, M.D.

Graduate Programs Coordinator

Dr. Yuppiel Martinez

PreMed Coordinator

Lic. Michelle Borg

Administrative Coordinator

Lic. Fiordaliza Collado

Student Assistant

Lic. Nathaly Valerio

Faculty Assistant

Carolina Valdez, M.D.

Medical Internship Coordinator

Catherine Suzaña

Dean Administrative Assistant

Wendy Sánchez

Clinical Cycle Assistant

Rebeca Beltré

Laboratory Area & Evaluation Unit Assistant

Heidy Comprés

Credential Verification Department Analyst

Aneudy Moreno

Credential Verification Department Analyst

Ana Celia Valenzuela, M.D.

Basic Sciences Academic Coordinator

Manuel Pérez Nova, M.D.

Pre-Internship Academic Coordinator


“UNIBE is without a doubt the best institution in the entire country, not only for its academic quality, but also for its leadership. The characteristics that set the university apart are: its vanguard, innovation and creativity.”

Claudia Miguelina Suero

“Medicine is a program that requires a lot of staying up-to-date with new and current information; I consider the faculty to always be at the forefront, in addition to always being available to answer questions and making learning a two-way experience.”

José Luis Elías

“Each course has a clinical focus that helps us exercise our critical thinking from day one. In addition, instructors are always available to answer questions. I consider UNIBE to be an excellent option to study Medicine.”

Paola Gómez

“My experience in the UNIBE Medical program has been a learning path from the first day of classes until now. I have no doubt that I’ve been provided with the tools necessary to do what’s best for my patients.”

Marleni Torres

“At UNIBE I have learned that you need to make sacrifices and not everything is as easy as it seems. The academic program requires time and dedication, but at the end of the day, all that sacrifice is well worth it.”

Kelvin Mancebo


Match Talent in Middle Management Workshop

25 abril, 2020

4 hours


Auditing Health Services

26 junio, 2021

40 Hours


Leadership in Health Services Workshop

5 abril, 2021

12 Hours


Shock Management in Pediatrics Workshop

24 octubre, 2020

8 Hours


Occupational Biosafety for Health Personnel

3 octubre, 2020

16 Hours