High Specialization in Occupational Health and Safety Diploma

High Specialization in Occupational Health and Safety Diploma

Diplomado Alta Especialización en Seguridad y Salud Ocupacional

General description

Labor safety and occupational health are aimed at applying measures and developing the activities required for the prevention of occupational diseases and accidents in all existing work environments. The new global context increasingly requires companies to adapt to international regulations and standards, including those related to Occupational Safety and Health.

Target Audience

Any person interested in developing professionally in the areas of Labor & Industrial Safety and Occupational Health.


Forty (40) hours

Course format


Course objectives

  • Effectively manage risks in companies.
  • Manage occupational health and safety.
  • Ensure the effective use of instruments and tools, to prevent occupational hazards and maintain safe and healthy work environments.


  • Module I: Motivation and Leadership / Introduction and Objectives
  • Module II: Safety and Health Regulations at Work / Law and Regulations
  • Module III: Occupational Safety and Health Policy, Committee and Program
    Module IV: Occupational Health and Safety Inspections
  • Module V: Investigation of Occupational Accidents
  • Module VI: Occupational Health and Safety Audit
  • Module VII: Behavior Based Safety
  • Module VIII: Occupational Health and Labor Risks
  • Module IV: Emergency and Contingency Plans
  • Module X: Control and Execution of Corrective Measures in Occupational Risk Prevention
  • Module XI: Special Module "Covid-19 Controls in Work Facilities, Based On ISO 45001, OSHA 3990 And ISO 31000."


March 27th to May 15th, 2021


17,000.00 DOP


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