Family and Community Medicine Residency Program

Family and Community Medicine Residency Program

Program designed to develop the scientific knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies necessary to offer the highest quality of medical care in hospitals and within the community.

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General description

The objective of this unique training program is to create a new generation of physicians with a community and family vision, capable of offering health care with sensitivity, empathy, respect and human compassion to all patients. The curriculum is structured in such a way as to ensure that these specialists acquire the scientific knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies necessary to perform well at the hospital level and are able to provide the highest quality of primary care within the community.

Imparted at

Plaza de la Salud General Hospital

Marcelino Vélez Santana Regional General Hospital

Vinicio Calventi Regional General Hospital

Félix María Goico Hospital


Residency Program in Family and Community Medicine


Three (3) years

Target Audience

General practitioners

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Student Recruitment – Admissions

Cosme Rafael Nazario Lora

Coordinador de Postgrados | Escuela de Medicina


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