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The UNIBE Dentistry program offers solid training that enables the student to promote, prevent, restore and maintain the oral and maxillofacial health of their patients.

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Re-entry protocol to Clinics and Pre-clinics of the School of Dentistry and the Dentistry Graduate Unit

General Description and Graduate Profile

The UNIBE Dentistry graduate is trained and oriented towards preventing and promoting oral health in individuals, establishing a dental diagnosis, taking into account their general health and, in such, implement a comprehensive treatment based on clinical evidence.

Protected in the confidence of having trained and experienced instructors, clear moral and ethical values, as well as the most up-to-date technology and academic information, our main objective is that a graduate of this academic program can have the necessary skills to become a comprehensive professional, capable of preventing and promoting oral health in their patients.

A graduate of this program will be able to diagnose the different oral conditions, in order to then be able to implement dental treatments that benefit the patient, the community and the environment.


Organización de Facultades y Escuelas de Odontología de Latinoamérica

Organization of Faculties and Schools of Dentistry of Latin America and the Caribbean (OFEDO-UDUA)

First Semester

  • Biology I
  • General Chemistry I
  • Communication I
  • Mathematical Reasoning I
  • ‘Quality of Life’ Workshop
  • Elective
  • English I
  • Introduction to Dentistry
  • University Orientation

Second Semester

  • Biology II
  • Basic Physics I
  • General Chemistry II
  • Mathematical Reasoning II
  • Communication II
  • Historical Processes and Construction of the Social Collective
  • English II
  • Elective

Third Semester

  • Basic Physics II
  • Organic Chemistry I
  • Elective: Subject & Collectivity
  • Elective
  • English III
  • Elective
  • General psychology

First Semester

CodeCourse NameClasif.C.CreditsIHPHPrerequisites
CGB-110Biology IEG433
CGQ-100General Chemistry IEG433
EGC-150Mathematical Reasoning IEG432
EGL-120Communication IEG432
EGV-130‘Quality of Life’ WorkshopEG102
ING-110English IEG330
OD11-110Introduction to DentistryPP220
UNB-100University OrientationEI220

Second Semester

CodeCourse NameClasif.C.CreditsIHPH
CGB-111Biology IIEG433CGB110
CGF-100Basic Physics IEG432EGC150 CGM140
CGQ-101General Chemistry IIEG433CGQ100
EGC-151Mathematical Reasoning IIEG432EGC150
EGL-121Communication IIEG432EGL120
EGS-110Historical Processes and Construction of the Social CollectiveEG330
ING-120English IIEG330ING110

Third Semester

Course Name
CGF-101Basic Physics IIEG432CGF100
CGQ-200Organic Chemistry IEG433CGQ101
EGS-210Elective: Subject & CollectivityEG220
ING-130English IIIEG330ING120
SI3-110General psychologyPP330

Fourth Semester

  • Scientific Research Methodology
  • Organic Chemistry II
  • Arts and Humanities Block
  • Analysis of the Dominican Reality in a Global World
  • English IV
  • Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset and Action
  • Statistics

Fifth Semester

  • Biochemistry and Human Metabolism
  • General Histology
  • Microbiology
  • Clinical Genetics
  • Public Health and Oral Epidemiology
  • Community Dentistry I
  • Head and Neck Anatomy
  • Dental Anatomy

Sixth Semester

  • Cardiology
  • Physiology
  • General Pathology
  • Oral Histology and Embryology
  • Occlusion
  • Oral Microbiology
  • Clinical Diagnosis in Dentistry
  • Radiology and Imaging Oral Lodge
  • Dental Biomaterials
  • Anesthesia in Dentistry

Fourth Semester

CodeCourse NameCycle
CGC-210Scientific Research MethodologyEG330
CGQ-201Organic Chemistry IIEG433CGQ200
EGH-140Arts and Humanities BlockEG440
EGS-111Analysis of the Dominican Reality in a Global WorldEG220
ING-140English IVEG330ING130
M14-290Introduction to Human Anatomy and PhysiologyPP220CGB111
UNB-101Entrepreneurial Mindset and ActionEI330

Fifth Semester

Course Name
OD11-210Biochemistry and Human MetabolismPP424
OD11-211General HistologyPP432
OD11-213Clinical GeneticsPP330
OD11-214Public Health and Oral EpidemiologyPP220
OD11-215Community Dentistry IPP204
OD11-220Head and Neck AnatomyPP542
OD11-221Dental AnatomyPP424

Sexto semestre

OD11-218Patología GeneralPP432OD11211
OD11-222Histología y Embriología BucodentalPP220OD11211
OD11-224Microbiología BucalPP322OD11212
OD11-225Diagnóstico Clínico en OdontologíaPP220OD11214
OD11-226Radiología e Imagenología BucodentalPP322OD11220
OD11-230Anatomía DentalPP322OD11210
OD11-231Anatomía DentalPP322OD11220

Seventh Semester

  • Infection Control in Dentistry
  • Ergonomics and Occupational Health in Dentistry
  • Pharmacology in Dentistry
  • Handling the Medically Compromised Patient
  • Total Prosthesis
  • Oral Surgery I
  • Periodontics I
  • Oral Pathology I
  • Restorative Dentistry I
  • Pediatric Dentistry I

Eighth Semester

  • Community Dentistry II
  • Endodontics I
  • Fixed Prosthesis I
  • Removable Prosthesis I
  • Periodontics II
  • Oral Surgery II
  • Restorative Dentistry II
  • Oral Pathology II
  • Integral Clinic I

Ninth Semester

  • Bioethics
  • Community Dentistry III
  • Orthodontics and Orthopedics I
  • Fixed Prosthesis II
  • Endodontics II
  • Pediatric Dentistry II
  • Removable Prosthesis II
  • Integral Clinic II
  • Professional Elective

Séptimo semestre

OD11-311Control de Infecciones en OdontologíaPP220OD11212
OD11-312Ergonomía y Salud Ocupacional en OdontologíaPP220OD11217
OD11-313Farmacología en OdontologíaPP330OD11217
OD11-314Manejo del Paciente Medicamente ComprometidoPP220OD11225
OD11-320Prótesis TotalPP322OD11223
OD11-321Cirugía Bucal IPP322OD11231
OD11-322Periodoncia IPP220OD11212
OD11-323Patología Bucal IPP220OD11218
OD11-324Odontología Restauradora IPP424OD11221
OD11-325Odontopediatria IPP220OD11216

Octavo semestre

OD11-316Odontología Comunitaria IIPP204OD11215
OD11-326Endodoncia IPP424OD11324
OD11-327Prótesis Fija IPP322OD11223
OD11-328Prótesis Removible IPP220OD11223
OD11-330Periodoncia IIPP322OD11322
OD11-331Cirugía Bucal IIPP220OD11321
OD11-332Odontología Restauradora IIPP424OD11324
OD11-333Patología Bucal IIPP220OD11323
OD11-334Clínica Integral IPP408OD11221

Noveno semestre

OD11-318Odontología Comunitaria IIIPP404OD11316
OD11-329Ortodoncia y Ortopedia IPP220OD11223
OD11-335Prótesis Fija IIPP322OD11327
OD11-336Endodoncia IIPP424OD11326
OD11-337Odontopediatria IIPP220OD11325
OD11-338Prótesis Removible IIPP323OD11328
OD11-339Clínica Integral IIPP6012OD11334
OD11-500Electiva ProfesionalPP322OD11334

Tenth Semester

  • Administrative Management in Dentistry
  • Health Research
  • Community Dentistry IV
  • Orthodontics and Orthopedics II
  • Integral Clinic III
  • Professional Elective

Eleventh Semester

  • Analysis of Clinical Cases
  • Integral Clinic IV
  • Professional Elective
  • Professional Elective
  • Final Project I

Twelfth Semester

  • Multidisciplinary Dentistry
  • Integral Clinic V
  • Professional Elective
  • Final Project II

Décimo semestre

OD11-410Gestión Administrativa en OdontologíaPP220OD11214
OD11-411Investigación en SaludPP220CGC210
OD11-412Odontología Comunitaria IVPP204OD11318
OD11-430Ortodoncia y Ortopedia IIPP220OD11329
OD11-431Clínica Integral IIIPP8016OD11339
OD11-510Electiva ProfesionalPP322OD11334

Undécimo semestre

OD11-432Análisis de Casos ClínicosPP220OD11431
OD11-433Clínica Integral IVPP12024OD11431
OD11-520Electiva ProfesionalPP322OD11334
OD11-530Electiva ProfesionalPP322OD11334
OD11-620Proyecto Final IPP322OD11411

Duodécimo semestre

OD11-420Odontología MultidisciplinariaPP220OD11433
OD11-434Clínica Integral VPP12024OD11433
OD11-540Electiva ProfesionalPP322OD11334
OD11-621Proyecto Final IIPP322OD11620

Student Mobility

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General Studies constitutes the component of the program that allows the development of solid comprehensive training in future professionals, to become individuals with defined ethical positions and with a critical vision of the world and its complexities, in dimensional aspects such as: the historical-cultural, socio-linguistic, philosophical, humanistic and artistic, the sensitivity to contribute to environment sustainability and quality of life, as well as the role of science and technology in human development.

From general training, entrepreneurial leadership development is promoted, pertaining to the different areas in which the future professional should develop, as well instilling a critical, analytical and committed attitude towards their environment, their community, their nation and world society.

The different curricular activities are coordinated from the areas of Language and Literature, Environmental Science and Biology, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Languages, Physics and Chemistry, from which interdisciplinary connections are established, so students can approach the themes from different perspectives.

Dental students who meet the requirements are eligible to pursue the concentration in:


Graduate Profile / Intermediate Profiles
Core AreaGraduate Profile CompetenciesIntermediate Profile # 2 Competencies Intermediate Profile # 1 Competencies
CA #1

Prevention and promotion of oral health

Implement and evaluate programs that promote oral health in individuals to generate changes that motivate healthy lifestyle habits in the community and the population in general.Develop education programs under current ethical standards that promote oral health, aimed at the community and the general population.Analyze with critical judgment the risk factors and social determinants that most affect the oral health of various population groups, following the ethical and infection control standards.
CA #2

Diagnosis of oral conditions

Establish the definitive dental diagnosis based on the information provided by the medical history, the subjective and objective examinations carried out, taking into account the overall health of the patient.Record in the clinical history the criteria that efficiently support oral and systemic diagnoses in the various areas of Dentistry.Generate an appropriate differential diagnosis that sees to the integral health of the patient, distinguishing the anatomical structures and the most frequent pathological entities of the oral cavity.
CA #3

Prognosis and Dental Treatment Plan

Implement a comprehensive oral treatment based on clinical evidence and based on the diagnosis, prognosis and expectations of the patient and the professional, carefully monitoring its evolution.Plan comprehensive treatments that restore the oral health of patients based on the findings of the diagnosis, in accordance with biosafety and environmental care protocols.Recognize the possible treatment plans to be indicated from various areas of Dentistry, safeguarding the risk factors that may affect the patient’s health.


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Isaury Castillo

Academic Coordinator, School of Dentistry

Ivette de León

Administrative Assistant


This is the first step towards a world full of opportunities: the UNIBE World. These are the requirements to complete the admission process.