Information Regarding Financial AID



Unibe is committed to helping its students access different financial aid opportunities. The institution is elegible to disburse Title IV program funds to qualified U.S. citizens and residents. For further information please contact: (809) 689-4111 Ext. 1122.

United States Federal Regulations require all universities with Financial Aid Program (Title IV) to disclose important information to prospective and current students and other groups of interest.

This information also satisfies the disclosure requirements by the U.S. Department of Education and the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA).

To learn about eligibility requirements please visit link to 1.Eligibility for financial aid document

To learn about available federal financial aid please visit link to 2. Federal Loans Financial Aid Information

To learn the criteria for determining the amount of aid please visit link 3.Details on Federal Loans

To learn the terms of any loan received by a student as part of the financial assistance package, a sample loan repayment plan and about the need to repay the loans visit link 4.Information regarding terms of any loan and loan repayment

To learn about the rights and responsibilities of students who receive financial aid and, specifically, aid under Title IV, HEA programs please visit 5.Student Rights and Responsibilities

Students who complete their studies must attend a final interview offered by the Financial Aid Department two months before the end of their last academic period, withdrawal from the University or reduction of their academic load to less than half time and complete the form to leave written record of the same.

For exit counseling information ("exit interview") that the institution provides and compiles for borrowers under the applicable Federal Student Loan Program please access:

Estudiantes en Vive la experiencia UNIBE

To learn about the method by which financial aid disbursements will be made to students and the frequency of those disbursements visit link 6.Financial Aid Disbursement

For information related to our preferred private student loan providers; click here,

To learn about our own economic assistance programs and national financing please visit link 7.National Financing and Economic Assistance from UNIBE

To find out about the estimated cost of attendance visit link 8. Estimated COA

The following programs are ineligible for Title IV funds: distance (except for CARES Act), non-degree/certificate/diploma, study abroad or dual degree at an ineligible institution or in the US.