A Bilingual University

Since its foundation, UNIBE has been characterized as an international university, it is part of our DNA. Today we take another step in our commitment to develop intercultural skills in our students and to train global professionals.

As of the academic year 2019-2020, new students of UNIBE may enroll in the career of their interest in the bilingual program.

What is the bilingual program?

As of the academic year 2019-2020, the undergraduate students will be able to select in the English language:

  • General Studies Cycle Courses
  • Professional Studies Cycle Courses
  • Professional Electives
  • Concentrations
  • Professional Certifications
  • Workshops, seminars: students will participate in co-curricular activities that foster intercultural competences and global perspective.

Is it mandatory to take classes in English?

No, this program is optional and it is available for those students interested in taking subjects in English, as a way to develop communication skills in the professional field, incorporating the specific vocabulary of their area. Additionally, all the subjects of the different careers will still be available in Spanish.

How do I register to the Bilingual Program?

There will be different times to register for the program. From the beginning of the course, the student will be able to select the option of the Bilingual Program in the admission form. Similarly, if a qualified student decides to join this program, a registration form must be completed at the school.

What are the requirements to register to the Bilingual Program?

Students must pass an English test with an equivalent level to B2.

* Students graduated from a bilingual school or an English school are exempt from the exam. (Subject to verification by administration)

Does it have an additional fee?

No, the Bilingual Program is an option already included in the tuition payment. This program seeks to develop intercultural competences to our students and to train global professionals.

How many subjects will be available in English?

At least two subjects from each area of ​​the General Studies cycle courses will be available in English, which are taken during the first four academic periods. Additionally, students will have available Professional Electives in this language, as well as different concentrations. Each study plan will determine the subjects of the Professional Cycle to be offered in English.

Can I change to Spanish courses after having started the Bilingual Program?

Yes, at any time of the course. This has to be completed prior to the course selection period. Additionally, students must complete a form to withdraw from the Bilingual Program.

In which document is reflected that I attended this program?

Students who complete the requirements of the Bilingual Program of their career, will receive a certificate in addition to the Diploma, which accredits having completed it.

¿Te interesa?

Inicia tu proceso de admisión e  inscriba la carrera de su interés en modalidad bilingüe