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  • Inclusión Financiera Forum

    These are pictures of the activities undertaken during the “Foro de Inclusión Financiera para Familias en Situación de Pobreza” hosted by the Vice President’s Office and the Fundacion Capital.

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  • WMU Info Session

    WMU Info Session

    During the month of June we also had the visit of Karen L. Lancendorfer, Associated Professor of Marketing, the Director of the Promotion Program  of WMU and President of the American Marketing Association2015-2016.

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  • Dominican Tax System Talk by DGII

    During their Applied Macroeconomics and Principles of Microeconomics class, the students had a Talk hosted by Mr. Ubaldo Trinidad from the Dominican Republic Internal Revenue Agency (DGII) regarding the Dominican Tax System.

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  • Faculty Meeting May-August 2015-3

    Faculty Meeting Semester May-August 2015-3

    At the beginning of the May – August 2015 semester our BBA teachers and office members held a meeting with the International Business School.

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  • The Visit of the writter Fari Rosario

    The Spanish II students with the company of Mrs. Ofelia Berrido, Spanish Proffesor at BBA, received the visit of the writter, proffesor and Pshicologist Fari Rosario.

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  • Cortes Hermanos's visit

    The International Business School (BBA) students went to visit the facilities at the Cortes Hermanos S.R.L. The visit was an outside campus experience for the class of Operational Management II.

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  • Special Speaker Sarah Mencia

    The International Business class received the visit of the special speaker: Sarah Mencia from Canadian Scotiabank Headquaters.

    Students enjoyed fully the opportunity to exchange ideas  about the work international experience.


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  • Special Speaker Jose Miguel Bonetti

    The Business and Professional Communications WS students  with the company of Mr. Ali Hashmi, Proffesor at BBA, received the visit of the Mr. Jose Miguel Bonetti from Mercasid Group. Mr.

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  • Open House FIU-UNIBE at Santiago

    The International Business School held an Open House at Santiago, were FIU and UNIBE members were there answering questions about our program.

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  • Vive la experiencia UNIBE 2015

    Vive la Experiencia UNIBE was organized on the 10th to the 14th of November in order to introduce the different careers that are being offered at the University.

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