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  • FIU Orientation Day 2015

    ~FIU’S International Affairs and Projects office welcomes
    our BBA students to their undergraduate and graduate
    international dual degree and exchange business

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  • FIU Info Session June 2015

    FIU Info Session and Open House - June 2015

    During the month of June we had the visit of Jennifer Hilton Moreno, Director of the International Affairs and Projects at FIU College of Business.

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  • Farewell Reunion Cohort 2015-2016

    During the visit of the FIU Staff, the cohort 2015-2016 had their last meeting before tranfering to Miami. During this meeting both, students and their parents had the opportunity to had their questions answered.

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  • Faculty’s Achievements

    Dr. Tsalikis, who is a founder BBA professor from FIU, received two teaching awards as the "best professor" for two of the Masters programs at FIU.

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  • Alumni Reunion BBA promotion of 2010

    After graduating from our program, Our BBA Promotion of 2010 had an Alumni Reunion were they had the opportunity to remember their experience and get to know how their are doing in their professional life. 

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  • Cortes Hermanos’s Visit

    The International Business School (BBA) students went to visit the facilities at the Cortes Hermanos S.R.L. The visit was an outside campus experience for the class of Operational Management II.

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  • Orientation Lecture with the 2017-2018 Promotion

    College experience is one of the most challenging steps when becoming an adult, that is why the International Business Department decided to host an orientation lecture for our most recent BBA students, the lecture was titled: Politics and Guideli

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  • BBA Students Graduation At UNIBE

    During the month of July, two of our BBA students had their graduation. The now college graduates, Jose Baez and Mauricio de Moya had achieved one of the most challenging outcomes with successfull results.

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  • Environmental Science Field Trip: Cuevas Fun Fun 2015

    Our BBA students visited “La Cueva Fun Fun”, this visit was a requirement of their Environmental Science Class for this semester.

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