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Destination Management and Sustainable Tourism Development

Destination Management and Sustainable Tourism Development: Best Practices in the Dominican Republic is a 2-week program especially structured to offer a comprehensive academic experience centered on tourism, destinations management, and sustainable development. The program allows undergraduate and graduate students to gain substantial knowledge of the most successful management strategies implemented by public and private stakeholders in the Dominican Republic. During this program, a wide range of strategies will be examined at various stages of development, from emerging to consolidated and declining destinations. The course comprises study visits to destination management public and private agencies, such as tourism clusters’ offices, logistics providers, and real estate developers, as well as lectures by national experts, planners and destination promoters from tourism sector. In addition, the program includes plenty of time for fun, learning, and discovery through excursions and guided tours to some of the most important natural and cultural sites of the country. The travel portion will include stays in Punta Cana, Santo Domingo and Puerto Plata.

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