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Health and Safety

Alcohol and Drug Prevention

Student Policy

Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) considers the use, possession, distribution or sale of drugs, and alcohol incompatible with university life. It is also unacceptable to attend classes or extracurricular activities under the influence of drugs and alcohol. This policy applies to university events on and off campus.

Violation of this policy constitutes a serious offense and is subject to sanctions.

The following are possible sanctions:

  • Referral to the Office of the Dean of Students where the Counseling Department may conduct and evaluation and refer to a mental health professional if necessary.
  • Student referral to the Disciplinary Committee, where it will be determined if university regulations have been breached and what sanctions are necessary.


Our Academic Policy and Student Handbook state that UNIBE actively works in the prevention of substance abuse. To achieve this, UNIBE makes use of several campaigns and strategies that strive to educate students about the dangers of substance abuse. Some of these strategies include:

  • Annual talks that discuss the dangers of illegal drug use and speak of responsible alcohol use.
  • Online drug and alcohol education resources.
  • Explicit instructions to students regarding institutional policy and sanctions for drug use on campus. These instructions are given to students in the Introduction to University Life course.

Further Plans:

Email campaigns at the beginning of the academic year which will:

  • Highlight the effects and risks of drug and alcohol use.
  • Raise awareness of university policy regarding use, distribution, sale, and possession of drugs and alcohol on campus.
  • Instruction on national law regulating the use, sale and distribution of illegal substances.
  • Listing of services offered by the Counseling Department.

Employee Policy

UNIBE follows national law (Ley 50-88) whereby the manufacture, distribution, and use of drugs is prohibited on campus.

Future Actions:

Creation of a comprehensive institutional drug policy for employees to be distributed upon hiring new employees. 

To the University Community

Universidad Iberoamericana is fully committed to provide a safety and quiet environment to every community member.  We continually review the policies addressed to promote an environment free of alcohol and drugs, of violence, harassment and sexual abuse.  These policies are based on the moral and Christian values conducting our university work.  This report includes information on current services, policies and security programs.  It includes prevention measures taken by the University for the safety of the university community and measures to be taken for their protection.  Our purpose will be only achieved through active participation of each student and teachers and administrative staff.

I invite you to read the information described below and to give us your recommendations.  We appreciate your advice on any situation or incident attempting against faithful compliance of such policies.  I count on the support of each of you to move forward with our educational project and to enjoy an institutional environment of healthy coexistence and solidarity.

Dr. Julio Amado Castaños Guzman

  1. Download Campus Security Report Statys UNIBE 2017 
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The following manual is a detailed guide on the way to organize and execute the institutional response to emergencies. Said response first emphasizes prevention and emergency readiness. There is also a practical guide detailing basic actions to undertake when emergencies occur.

These documents are designed for students, faculty, administrators, and brigade members. The following link contains the basic manual: 

Fire Safety on Campus 

Fire safety is a responsibility of the entire academic community. To that end, UNIBE has created an emergency brigade which develops and executes fire safety programs. This brigade works closely with the Santo Domingo Fire Department in order to ensure proper training of brigadiers. The following link contains the fire safety report: 

Click Here to Downoload UNIBE Fire Safety Report 

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Postsecondary educational institutions participating in the FSA programs are subject to the information security requirements established by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for financial institutions.

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