Financial Aid

Canadian Students


Canadian students are eligible to participate in the Canadian Student Loans (CSL) program.


Students that plan to enter UNIBE are eligible for a Canada Student Loan (CSL) and must fulfill all of the following requirements:

  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada.
  • Be a resident of a province or territory that participates in the Canada Student Loans Program. (Generally, your province or territory of residence is where you have most recently lived for at least 12 consecutive months excluding full-time attendance at a post-secondary institution).
  • Demonstrate to the provincial or territorial student assistance office, by completing an application form, that the financial resources available to you are not enough to cover your educational costs.
  • Enroll or be qualified to enroll in at least 60 percent of a full-time course load (students with permanent disabilities may enroll in 40 percent of a full-time course load).

The province of Quebec and the North-west Territories operate their own student assistance plans. The Government of Canada provides funding to assist them.

Maximum Amount to Borrow

Depending on your needs, you can borrow up to a maximum of $165.00 for each week of your study period.

Provincial assistance is also available, as well as Canada and provincial grant programs (where the latter exist), other scholarships or bursaries.

How to apply

In the following page is a list of the Provincial and Territorial Student Assistance Offices. Call or visit the office nearest you to get the information materials and application forms. Depending on the province or territory in which you live, you may be asked to submit your application directly to UNIBE or to the student assistance office. Remember that the province of Quebec and the Northwest Territories operate their own student assistance plans. The Government of Canada provides funding to assist them in providing their plans.

Students from Other Countries

Students from countries different from the U.S. and Canada should contact either the Student Assistance Office or the Education Department of their corresponding countries to verify if any loan program is available.

Cost of Education/Budgets

Eligibility for financial aid is determined by the student's financial situation and the costs associated with attending the institution, called the "budget" or "cost of education".

The components of a student's budget include direct costs (tuition, fees, books, and supplies) and indirect costs (room and board, personal expenses, and transportation) as prescribed by the U.S. Department of Education. 

Budget forms are available from the Financial Aid Office.

Students anticipating the need for financial assistance to cover part or all of their educational expenses should undertake early planning in order to make the necessary arrangements.


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