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Master of Science in Construction Management

Master of Science in Construction Management

The Department of Construction Management was established in the 1973-74 academic year. Since its creation, it has developed into one of the top construction education programs in the United States. The Department currently has nine full-time faculty members who have tremendous industry experience in construction engineering and management.

The Master of Science in Construction Management graduate program prepares professionals for middle-level and upper-level management positions in construction organizations, construction finance an development firms, or for a more successful operation and expansion of their own firms. It also allows individuals to tailor coursework that accommodates either a broad field of learning or a more specific, specialized segment of the construction industry. Students work with their graduate advisors to develop an individual study program consistent with the policy guidelines of the department. Students may choose an emphasis on the areas of construction safety, construction legal matters, construction scheduling and estimating, or choose a more generalized path.

The study plan prepares the graduate students as competitive professionals in the field of construction and management in a global and competitive environment. The following table describes each of the courses offered in the Master of Science program in order to fulfill the full graduation requirements; the student must complete all the credit hours.

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