Master of Science in Construction Management

Program Course List

Course Id Course Name Credits

BCN 5618

Fundamentals of Construction Estimating
Principles and practices of estimating. Providing application practicum in surveying quantities of labor and materials for general construction projects: excavation, concrete and formwork, carpentry, masonry, structural steel, lath and plaster, interior finishes.


BCN 5645

Construction Economic Analysis
Nature of construction costs, funding sources and arrangements, capital requirements, bonding, insurance, risk and contingency evaluation, general office operations, and bidding procedures.


BCN 5728

Principles of Construction Scheduling
The application of the Critical Path Method and the Program Evaluation Review Technique to construction planning, scheduling vs. actual job expenditures and cost forecasting development of unit prices from field data. A laboratory consisting of computer applications is included.


BCN 5585

Sustainable Construction
Study of the concepts and techniques of sustainable construction, in depth review of sustainable materials and construction techniques. Prerequisite: Permission of the Instructor.


BCN 5626

Construction Cost Analysis and Control
Description of diverse types of estimating techniques in relation to different stages in a construction project. Productivity analysis, measurement of progress, and techniques of cost control are covered.


BCN 5716

Productivity in Construction
An in-depth study of common issues relating to productivity improvements in construction.


BCN 5738

Construction Safety Management
Introduces the graduate student in Construction Management to the important elements essential in managing the safety function of a construction company.


BCN 5772

Management of Construction Organizations
This course studies the management of a construction company. Topics included are: company organization, incorporation structures, policies and procedures, finance, accounting, information modeling, bidding strategies, and operations.


BCN 5774

Topics in International Construction
Introduction to procurement, financing and management of international construction projects with emphasis on international economics, contracts, trade agreements, and specifications.


BCN 5784

Construction Information Systems
The application of information management techniques, including computer hardware and software systems, to the analysis and solution of typical problems in the practice of construction management.


BCN 6775

Decision and Risk Analysis in Construction
Techniques of decision analysis for the medium to top-level management personnel in the construction industry. Typical construction-related problems that involve risk and uncertainty are studied.


The program has a duration of approximately 16 months, offering a total of eleven (11) courses. Each course will last a total of six (6) weeks, with a two-week break. Lectures will be held two days per week, on Fridays (6pm – 10pm) and Saturdays (8:30am – 1pm) at UNIBE's Campus plus online sessions.

Coordinator Master of Science in Construction Management