Departamento de Asuntos Estudiantiles (DAES)

International Students

Our mission is to build and develop the interaction between our student body and the rest of the  academic community by providing academic services and fulfilling students’ needs; contributing to the students’ personal and professional growth, allowing them to enrich their experience inside and outside the classroom.

The Students Affair Department offers, among others, the following services:

  • Academic Advising and Personal Counseling
  • Student Organizations - Students have the opportunity of displaying their interests throughout these groups. 

If you are curious about the Environment – Gastronomy – Diversity – Literature – Movies – you can join one or more of our student groups.  Interested in something else?...You may start your own! 

The Student Affairs Department can assist the students in the following matters:

  1. Information on student services
  2. Housing
  3. Questions about university and the Dominican Republic
  4. Information on popular sites and places where you can spend leisure time
  5. Extracurricular activities
  6. Helping organize school activities
  7. Student Rules and Regulations

Health insurance 

All international students are covered by our health insurance plan, this is a service included in the tuition. Once a student registers, he/she must fill out a form and turn it in along with a copy of their passport. Insurance is only active when students are active; please remember to repeat this process if at any point you are separated from the school for one or more semesters.

About Housing… 

UNIBE does not offer living accommodations. However, the Student Affairs Department can help the students to secure a place to live by providing an updated list of apartments, houses, studios and rooms available in the Santo Domingo area as well as other information regarding this issue.  

You should know…

  • Apartments, houses and rooms can be rented either furnished or unfurnished.
  • Prices vary based on the number of bedrooms, location, size, services included, etc. 
  • Prices range between US$ 350 and US$ 1000 a month.
  • There is usually a 2 or 3 month deposit required. 
  • Apartments are subject to longer lease agreements (six months/one-year term. In most cases the apartments include utilities (electricity T. V. Cable and water bills).  
  • Some students share houses/apartments in order to share these expenses. Renting a house is very similar to renting an apartment. Prices can be similar too.
  • You may visit – this is a very helpful website where you can find available housing anywhere in the country and can be browsed in English or Spanish.


The following are some of the most recognized and reliable brokers, they can also assist students. They usually have a service charge/commission. Please be aware that the University is NOT affiliated with these services.

About Student Life

Average expenses:

  • US$5,400.00 Tuition first semester 
  • US$4,500 Tuition /plus US$500.00 Administration fee (Total US$5,000.00)  after 2nd semester (Sept.09)
  • Your daily expenses (meals and transportation) will be around RD$500.00 (eating out, we recommend to buy groceries and eat at home). 
  • Taxi rides are around RD$150.00 
  • Public cars and buses are a more affordable option (albeit less comfortable) 
  • Average monthly bills: Electricity US$50.00 – Telephone (w/internet) US$35.00 – Cell phone US$50.00
  • Groceries:  the average is around US$150.00 a month (one person) 
  • US$1.00 = RD$36.50 (sept.09)

General recommendations:

  • Start looking for a place to live  at least two weeks before school starts (The Student Affairs Dept. has a Housing List (also available on our website). Don’t rush into moving! 
  • Find out if there is a Dominican Consulate in your area. You will need to obtain the Student Visa. You may obtain that prior to arriving in the country or once you get here.
  • In order to get the Visa you are going to have to bring in a Police Report and a Health Certificate from your country, you will need two sets (originals): one for school and one for the Visa.
  • If you wish to transfer credits from another institution, we advise you to bring a School Catalog or some validation of the courses you’ve taken.
  • Keep in mind that you will need cash in order to pay deposits for apartments (at least 2 or 3 months worth of rent) therefore you might want to have your money in money orders; this is an easier and less expensive way. 
  • We recommend you bring cash, money orders or debit cards, this will make payments easier. 


The University provides security services within the campus through the Security Department. This area, along with other institutional units, is responsible of carrying out all security policies, including the following services:

  • Protective watch on school facilities 24/7.
  • Supervision and control of campus access.
  • Encouragement of students, employees and other university community members to be responsible for their security.
  • Orientation on security measures, prevention of crimes and other emergencies in coordination with the

Security Measures

As a security measure to prevent crime, 46 security cameras have been installed with an ongoing monitoring center that keeps a 30-day information record and backups.
Permanent maintenance and patrolling of the buildings and other areas to eliminate crime activity risks. 
Access control to the campus during and after working hours.

Drug and alcohol Policy

UNIBE promotes prevention of addictions in the members of its academic community through different programs and educational activities regarding the hazards related to drug, narcotics and alcohol abuse.
Consumption, possession, distribution or sale of narcotics, drugs and/or alcohol on campus is a violation of UNIBE’s Disciplinary Regulations and country laws. These actions are prohibited under Article 15 sections “a” and “b” of the Rules and Regulations handbook that every student receives after registering at UNIBE.


There are three mayor communication service providers in the Dominican Republic. They offer different options (internet, land lines, cellphones). 

About our Country

  • Capital: Santo Domingo
  • Climate: Maritime semitropical, with an average yearly temperature of 80 F. Humid.
  • Currency: Dominican Peso
  • Ethnic groups: Caucasian - 16%  African origin - 11%  Mixed - 73%
  • Government: Representative Democracy
  • Independence: February 27, 1844 (from Haiti)
  • Language: Spanish
  • Phone Code: International access code-809 / 829
  • Population: 8,950,034 (as of July, 2005)
  • Official Religion: Roman Catholic (95%)
  • Other - Protestant, Seventh Day Adventist, Baptist, and Mormon
  • Information from:


Since 1997 the Dominican Government established by law that all non-religious holidays to be celebrated on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and/or Fridays be moved to the following or previous Monday.
For a detailed list of holidays celebrated in the D.R. please check out the Ministry of Labor website:


The following is a list of hotels in the UNIBE area that you may use for your stay during your first days in the country. Please be aware that the University is NOT affiliated with these hotels.
a) Lina Hotel (5 stars) (809) 563-5000 (ask for UNIBE students rate)
b) Marriott (809) 685-1010
c) Carey House Hotel (809) 688-4808 
d) Turey Apart-Hotel  (809) 412-2809
e) Plaza Colonial Apart-Hotel (809) 687-9111
f) Greenhouse Apart-Hotel (809) 682-1111

For general information about the Dominican Republic, you may access the following websites: 

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