Financial Aid

Private Loans



1. Go to

2. Click on student loan product (Select according to your level)

a) Smart Option Student Loan®for Undergraduate Students (For bachelor's and associate's degrees or a certificate at a degree-granting school) applying with a cosigner may help you get approved for an undergraduate private student loan.

b) Smart Option Student Loan®for Graduate Students (For master’s, doctorate, law, medical, dental, and veterinary degrees)

c) Sallie Mae Parent LoanSM  (For your student’s bachelor’s, associate’s, or graduate degree, or a certificate at a degree-granting school)


3. Review the different Smart Option loan repayment options.

4. Once you have chosen the repayment option that is best for you, click on “Apply for this loan”

5. Provide your personal information


6. Submit your permanent address

7. When completing “School Information”, choose “Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE)”

8. Complete your education information.

9. Enrollment Status:

10.The “Academic Period of the Loan” is from your programs ‘Start Date’ to your programs ‘End Date’. Please review the chart and pick with appropriate dates for the program you plan to attend

 11. The “Anticipated Graduation/Completion” is the “End Date” of your particular program

12. PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING: All of your funds (Federal Loans, Private Loans added together may not exceed the “cost of attendance” for your program. If you need to assistance in determining how much to borrow, contact our office at 809-689-4111 Ext. 1121.




13. Continue your loan application by supplying your personal and financial information. You will probably be asked to supply a cosigner to your loan.

14. Once you have completed your Loan Application please notify us of your loan application submission.


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