Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)

WMU Majors


If you have a head for numbers, a major in accountancy can provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary for a variety of interesting careers in business, industry, government, nonprofit organizations and public accounting. You will learn to analyze and solve problems, think critically, communicate effectively and use information technology.

Advertising and Promotion

The advertising and promotion major attracts creative, strategically minded students and provides them with an interactive education that ensures they will have the skills and knowledge necessary for success. The program focuses on hands-on learning with courses emphasizing experiential learning and portfolio-development opportunities. Graduates are recruited and hired by small, medium and large agencies, as well as media and client organizations. Some graduates even start their own successful agencies.

Food and Consumer Package Goods Marketing

WMU is one of the premier universities in the U.S. offering a four-year business degree specializing in food and consumer package goods marketing. Graduates are heavily recruited by leading firms from all segments of the industry including manufacturers, sales agencies, food distributors, retail operations and marketing research firms.

Integrated Supply Management

Supply chain management is a broad career field, where professionals are involved in every step of the process in providing goods to the consumer, from the time when materials are grown in the ground or mined from it until they appear on the retail store shelves. Supply chain professionals also work in the service industry because of their skill in improving the quality and efficiency of business processes.  The curriculum uniquely blends supply chain management, engineering, logistics, information technology and business education.

Sales and Business Marketing

WMU is one of just a handful of universities that offer a major focusing on selling and sales management. The sales and business marketing program will prepare you to excel in entry-level sales positions and provide the broader framework for future success in upper-level management. If you choose to major in sales and business marketing at WMU, you will spend a significant amount of time in the Harold Zeigler Interactive Sales Lab, one of the best university sales facilities in the U.S.

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