Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)

Community Service

The international Business School committed to social programs has focused primarily On promoting education to the youngest citizens of the country in different aspects that promote A better quality of life for the Dominican society. This approach involves the following initiatives:

1)    Balanced Nutrition as a base for learning: Project-based learning focused on service during the Semester September-December 2012, which will be held in San Ramon Nonato Fe y Alegria Elementary School of Los Mameyes. In this project, students from the school will develop the following topics:

  • Recommendations for achieving a healthy diet
  • How to make a healthy menu with affordable prices

2)    Sponsor a child during school time: Supporting the education in Dominican Republic, the international Business school and the school of business administration worked together to collaborate on the project “sponsor a child during school time”. For this project, students contribute with donations of school materials, such as Pencils, notebooks, backpacks and others, to help the kids with the new starting semester in the “el Primaveral” school In Manoguayabo.

3)    Girls of God house in Santiago de los Caballeros. The international business school along with the Alumni Circle of Unibe (CEU) During this time of the year, make food donations, clothing and toys to this foundation that shelter orphan girls. Every year and during the Last three years, the BBA students with the coordination of International Business Students Associaation (IBSA) has committed to this girls In Santiago, making donations so that the girls can celebrate a very special Christmas.

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