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Since January 2016 there is a new platform entitled to represent this school student body during the present year, which is composed by Felix Alcantara (President), Daniela Castro (Vice-president), Arianny Valdez (Secretary), Kendra Cueto (Activity coordinator), Scarlett Flaz (Student Group Coordinator), Maria Francis (Treasurer) and Luis Cruz Jiminian (Publicity). This platform has committed to represent the School of Medicine Student body of UNIBE, having as a priority to encourage a motivational environment for high performance and to look after students’ rights. Likewise we look to involve students in social and extracurricular activities to promote knowledge. 


We seek to represent the UNIBE Medical Students, and to always prioritize the realization of different activities to foster an ideal environment of motivation and high achievement. Additionally, we will also strive to safeguard the rights of the students before the university authorities. In doing so, we aim   to involve the students in community service and extracurricular activities in order to promote awareness and knowledge. 


To become the primary medium of contact between the students and the UNIBE Medical School in order to establish an efficient and mutually satisfactory line of communication. 

To establish ourselves as the central body of interaction between the students, student groups, and the UNIBE Medical School while maintain the capacity to fulfill the students’ needs and guarantee an adequate response for any and all situations that may arise in our function as the student body spokes group. 


  • Unity
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Integrity
  • Equality
  • Humility
  • Creativity
  • Fairness


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Facebook:  Asociación de estudiantes de Medina UNIBE AEME
Instagram: AEMEUNIBE


The students representing each semester are:


By-law for the process of candidature and elections – UNIBE’s Medical Students Association

  1. The School of Medicine of UNIBE will announce the opening for the candidature and elections process for UNIBE’s Medical Students Association (AEME in Spanish). A period of time will be established for Medical students interested in running their candidature in different positions to form candidate platforms to run for the Students Association
  2. The School of Medicine recommends that the Student Association be organized in the following manner:
    a) Presidency: Active student enrolled in any semester belonging to the Basic Sciences cycle or the Internship Program cycle.
    b) Vice-presidency: Active student enrolled in any semester belonging to the Basic Sciences cycle or the Internship Program cycle.
    c) Secretary: Active student enrolled in any semester belonging to the Pre-Med cycle or the Basic Sciences cycle.
    d) Activities coordinator: Active student enrolled in any semester belonging to the Pre-Med cycle or the Basic Sciences cycle.
    f) The School of Medicine will establish deadlines for the presentation of the candidate platforms’ proposals, plans and strategies to be implemented in their running for the direction of the Student Association as the Medical Students Association.
  3. The candidate platforms’ proposals must include the activities that the UNIBE’s Medical Students Association has established and institutionalized as a yearly activity, such as: Las Malvinas Medical Operative, buying and selling medical books, etc.
  4. After the process of receiving AEME proposals closes, starts a phase of approval of proposals, where the department of Student Affairs will accept - reprove or advise to perform modifications to the proposals of the applicants platforms.
  5. The platforms will be denominated with numbers from 1 to the number of the amount of existing applicants, and will be allocated in order of delivery of AEME Proposals, Eg. Platform 1, Platform 2 Platform 3 etc.
  6. The whole process of creating and promoting Platforms run on their own accounts and contacts.
  7. Each Platform has to create its artwork and design for future publications, in other words, there will be a FIXED format of design which will distinguish every platform from the others, therefore that design MUST be used in every poster, flyer, brochure, button, t-shirt, advertisements, presentations and any other stuff you decide to make.
  8. Starting from the next 2014 election process, the color red for artwork and promotional designs has been determinately banned for institutional reasons.
  9. All advertising must include in its design the logo of the AEME, UNIBE and Medical career, and include the platform’s logo in case one is created.
  10. A photo presentation of the whole group must be elaborated for all platforms, including the names of each member with their chosen occupations.
  11. A date will be set to submit the applicant platforms photos in order to present them virtually on social networks for the first time in a numerical order in a fair and equitable manner. This includes publications on Instagram.
  12. The beginning of the electoral campaign will be scheduled by the Department of Student Affairs on the day of the virtual presentation of applicant platforms online in social networks. From this point on advertising and publicity begins.
  13. The proposal delivered to the Department of Student Affairs will be confidential of every Platform until it is uploaded to UNIBE's webpage, in order for the student body to access and read the platforms offers.
  14. It has been established that the person who manages the social networks (Instagram, Twittter,etc.) of the current AEME must NOT be a part of any Platform in the current process of elections. If so, the management of those accounts will have to be given to any other member of the current Association that is not participating, in order to maintain an impartial management of these accounts.
  15. Advertising, artwork and publicity will be sent from the Platforms to the representative responsible of the social networks who will upload these, according to requests, and in an equitable and alternating manner amongst every Platform.
  16. Platforms are NOT allowed to create any accounts in any social network besides the one of AEME to upload pictures or artwork for their platform. ONLY OFFICIAL ACCOUNTS will be used.
  17. All posters, artwork, flyers, brochures, activities, and/or any idea contributing to the process of the campaign must first go through the office of Student Affairs for its former approval and implementation. Once approved, printings made for leafleting and the School must stamp the artwork.
  18. From the 2014 Elections onward, after being approved by the Student Affairs Department, the members of the platform may proceed to place their posters on campus. In the case of business areas within the campus, the permits should be requested at the respective establishment.
  19. The publicity that will be posted at INDEN, after receiving approbation an stamping by the Student Affairs Department, can be taken and published by the members of the platform without having to wait for the UNIBE messenger to transport it to INDEN.
  20. Any doubt or inconvenience throughout the process can be consulted with the Student Affairs Coordinator
  21. All information that shall come up during the process has to be announced through the candidates’ chat to make sure everyone is up to date and to prevent miscommunication.
  22. It is not allowed to damage any artwork or advertising placed by the opposite platform. The platform that is seen or accused of this will be reevaluated to continue participating. Every platforms work must be respected.
  23. We promote a fair and loyal campaign. Platforms must focus on advertising in a positive manner, never criticizing in a negative way the opponent platforms. Platforms seen or accused of such acts will be reevaluated to continue participating.
  24. A closure date will be established for the electoral campaign, and a formal act will take place at UNIBE. The student body is invited to assist and listen to the platforms speeches and other activities performed during closures act.
  25. After the electoral campaign period date ends, participants must be completely neutral and are ONLY allowed to encourage the students to VOTE, regardless of the platform. No person shall perform any advertising or promotion, from official or personal accounts and, to be seen or accused of such acts will be reevaluated to continue participating.
  26. Voting period will be announced for medical student body. There will be a voting banner online for each platform at intranet.
  27. It is prohibited during the voting period to collect votes with electronic devices around campus. Votes must be clean, bribery is not allowed. If seen or accused of such acts the platform will be reassessed of their participation.
  28. All staff of the Medical Faculty is allowed to participate in the various campaigns supporting equitably the different platforms and their different activities. It is prohibited that the staff of the faculty endorses or promotes any specific platform insistently.


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