Financial Information

Tuition and Fees for Foreign Students

Medicine Application Fee
(to be paid only
during the
Fee (to be
paid only the
Tuition (to be
paid ever
Services (To be
paid every
fee (Every
Total (Every
Pre-med Semesters
US$200.00 US$400.00 US$8,400.00 US$100.00 US$500.00 US$9,000.00
Basic Sciences
Semesters 5-10
US$200.00 US$400.00 US$9,400.00 US$100.00 US$500.00 US$10,000.00
Clinical Sciences
Semesters 11-16
US$200.00 US$400.00 US$11,400.00 US$100.00 US$500.00 US$12,000.00

All fees are in US dollars or their equivalent in Dominican pesos, and the payment should be made with cashier’s checks, credit cards, postal money order, or traveler’s checks made payable to Universidad Iberoamericana. (Personal checks are not accepted).

Financial Aid

Click here for information about Financial Aid.

Returned Checks Policy

A US$130.00 to US$150.00 fee will be charged for any check returned to the University, due to insufficient funds, postdating, closed accounts, stop payments, uncollected funds, or any other reason. Thereafter, the student will NOT be permitted to pay with a personal check.

Please note that all checks issued by banks outside the United States will be charged with a processing fee of US$25.00. In order to avoid this additional charge we suggest that the Cashier's Checks and Postal Money Orders be purchased in the United States.

Late Registration Fee

All students not registered during the registration week must obtain the permission of the Dean of the School of Medicine for a late registration. If permission is obtained the registration will be possible and a late registration fee will be charged.

Financial Obligation

Tuition and fees must be paid after the student has undergone the course selection process within the established deadlines.

The following services are included in the tuition fees: Personal Medical Insurance (family coverage is possible for an additional fee, use of Laboratories, Library and Fitness Center, among others.


A late fee will be charged to those students who do not meet their financial obligations on time (unless the reason is a delay due to Title IV loan disbursement). This fee varies according to the length of the delay.

In any event, such inability to pay will not be permitted beyond the first week of classes. Any student who is still unable to meet payment after this date must contact the Registrar’s Office immediately since their names will not appear on the official class lists, thus rendering the academic work as invalid. The University reserves its right to deny either admission or registration to any student who has not met their financial obligations.


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